Abdulwahab Shahin

B.S. (Tucson, Arizona), M.Sc. (Leicester), M.Sc. (Loughborough), PhD (Liverpool)

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PhD Research Project:

Investigation of an Integrated Design of a Small Electrical Machine with a Permanent-Magnet and Power Electronic Drive


This research work presents an investigation of a new form of a permanent magnet machine design and electronic drive. It represents the first step towards an integrated machine design with smart power electronics to give a high efficiency, flexible and compact motor with very low electromagnetic interference. A feature of the system is the incorporation of an unusually large number of drive modules, each of which is of low power but incorporates its own controller elements. An important point of the investigation is the optimal motor design and the optimisation of the power and control circuits. Another important point is controlling the self-commutation in a multiphase brushless-type motor. The motor is mathematically modelled to control the current in a winding based upon a hysteresis current band and the measurement of stator coil inductance. A computer simulation is then established and results are compared with the real motor measurements and a comparison is made with other commercial standard motors.

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