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A versatile and adaptable individual, highly motivated, resourceful and capable of working independently or as part of a team with excellent written and oral communication skills coupled with honesty and integrity. Has the ability to create, design and analyse complex systems with strong background including Industrial Mathematical Modelling, Control Engineering, Html, OOP, Java, C/C++, Delphi and Fortran.


Postgraduate Certificate in Software Technology
Connect Internet Solutions, University of Liverpool and GTR Ltd 2001-02
Completed the Course at Connect Internet Solutions through the University of Liverpool. The course designed for experienced and professional people to enhance their previous experience including UNIX, Html, C, Oracle SQL, PHP, OOP in C++ and Java. Attended a graduate training programme at GTR Ltd. based on the Management Charter Initiative Personal Competence model and Key skills framework. Gained skills in the areas of Action Planning, Time Management, Team Building, Assertiveness, Delegation, IT for Business, Marketing and Finance.
Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering
University of Liverpool 1996-01
The research was conducting the investigation of an integrated design of a small electrical machine with permanent magnet and power electronic drive. The work involves machine designing, testing and implementation of integrated electrical machines. Various software systems were used such as Opera-2d and SPEED software systems used for electromagnetic design, analysis and performance simulation. A Matlab program also developed to simulate the machine mathematically.
M.Sc. in Industrial Mathematical Modelling
Loughborough University of Technology 1994-95
Modules covered are Mathematical Modelling of Industrial Problems, Control Engineering, Finite Element Analysis and Advanced Numerical Methods. Final project with Jaguar Cars Ltd. was to investigate Transient Temperatures in Engine Cylinder Liners.
M.Sc. in Modern Methods of Electromechanical Engineering
University of Leicester 1992-93
Intensively, modules covered with mini-projects including Instrumentation, Control Systems Design, Digital Signal Processing, Mechanical Methods & Materials, Software Engineering and Project Management. Final report produced in Software Engineering on the topic of 'VDM Refinement and the Synthesiser Generator' using the UNIX system.
Postgraduate Diploma in Information Systems Engineering
South Bank University (part-time) 1987-89
Thoroughly, worked on a number of projects covering topics such as Software Design, Computer Programming (Turbo Pascal and C languages), Computer Systems Organisation, Industrial Studies and various topics in Software Engineering, including ADT, CSP and VDM.
B.Sc. in Systems Engineering
University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, USA 1976-80
Developed various application programs (Fortran) to solve problems in Operational Research, Statistics and Numerical Analysis. Some simulation programs using GPSS and GASP were also developed. Other modules, intensively covered, include Mathematical Modelling, Advanced Differential Equations, Electronics Design, Control Systems and Decision Theory.


Managing Director
Tamam Services Ltd then Baldwin Industrial Ltd, Leicester 2008-Now
Running own company to carry out all services and installation of Digital Remote Surveillance Systems (CCTV cameras). Specialising in connecting the system remotely according to the customer specification with the option of having the Point of Sale System set up electronically. Note: Tamam Services Ltd was dissolved then opened Baldwin Industrial Ltd.
Madani High School, Leicester 2008-09
Supply teacher: Taught and helped 11-16 age groups with different subjects including Arabic, French, Maths and ICT.
Technical Manager
Kalron Foods Ltd, Leicester 2004-08
Have to report directly to the managing director. Give technical support to all employees of all shops (trading as Zumo Fresh Smoothie Bar which is a franchised company in England and Ireland). Install Digital Remote Surveillance CCTV cameras and Point of Sale Systems in over 30 sites, these systems can be viewed and processed remotely from the Head Office. Managing the company network and all IT related work, including software and hardware troubleshooting, networking using Microsoft Windows operating systems, and other software packages as AutoCAD and MS Office. Also, manage, maintain and designed all related software of the company Finance Department, including Sage software and all Excel spreadsheets.
IT Consultant
AMN Computers Ltd, Leicester 2002-04
Have to report directly to the managing director. Evaluating new products and giving technical support to customers in software and hardware troubleshooting and networking. Helped and supported many students from Leicester and De Montfort Universities with their PhD and MSc research work in different courses including Engineering and Computer Science. Operating Systems: Include UNIX and Microsoft Windows. Packages and Programming Languages: Include MS Office, MS Developer Studio (Visual C++ and J++) Matlab, Html, C, Oracle SQL, PHP, OOP with C++/Java, Pascal/Delphi, and FORTRAN.
R & D Engineer
Control Techniques Dynamics Ltd., Andover 2000-01
Have gained experience in the electrical and electromagnetic design, analysis and measuring the performance of electrical machines. Find appropriate solutions for difficult specifications from a small-scale analysis and evaluation, through to large-scale projects requiring design, prototyping and testing. Two software packages mainly used accessibly, Opera-2d and SPEED.
University of Liverpool 1997-00
During PhD research work, have taught Software Engineering including Software Design and Visual C++ programming to the undergraduate students.
Quality Control Manager
Imperial International Ltd., Leicester 1995-96
Established the company's own Quality Control procedure, learnt various technical issues concerning cookware materials and standards. Managed the company's computer network and other software systems and acted as an IT manager.
Desktop Publisher
Interlingua Ltd. (ALPNET Translation Services Network), Croydon 1990-92
Designed and produced many translated technical manuals and documents into Arabic. Dealt with various bilingual software products and packages using the Apple Macintosh systems.
Application Programmer and Software Analyst
Applied Microsystems Technology Ltd., London 1987-89
Designed and implemented software systems using Arabic Context Analysis for PCs. Programmed a number of software systems for the company daily use in Turbo Pascal. Analysed and evaluated many software packages and products for personal computers.
Pizza Inn Restaurant, High Street Kensington, London 1983-87
Duties including assisting employees in their day to day routines, managing stock and inventory control, ordering goods needed to run the restaurant from the suppliers, organising the staff roster, interviewing and hiring new employees, balancing daily account, banking, wages and constantly, suggesting new ideas and improvements.
Abroad: El Hawari Cement Company, Benghazi, Libya 1980-81
Estimating and forecasting inventory and production, analysing company profit & loss and calculating the margin costs. Report directly to the financial and the managing directors of the company. Developed and managed number of COBOL programs in the financial department to handle all issues related to employees of the company, including salaries/wage slips.


Attending computer and engineering exhibitions and seminars, reading science, research and IT magazines and taking part in social events including cooking and organising trips/camps. Previously was a member of the IEEE Control Systems Society. Favourite sports are playing football and basketball.


Nationality: British Status: Married Health: Excellent